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Musician. Composer. Actor. VO. Model. On-Camera Personality.

Bo Baskoro is a prolific artist, actor, and mental health advocate from the Pacific Northwest. His music is known for its percussive ear candy, honest lyrics, and energizing production. The now LA-based artist exudes an heir of nostalgia, having created a unique sound that seamlessly captures who this Indonesian American is at the core. The Portland native has always marched to the tune of his own drum. Inspired by the fictional horn-playing character Lanky Kong of Donkey Kong 64, Baskoro's creativity gravitated toward the trombone, which he continued to study and play throughout his earlier years. During recovery from a tumor and labrum tear surgery, international brand Maxwell House® commissioned a mini-documentary of Bo's experience, and his artistic drive amidst his trials. Bo was flown to Los Angeles to meet producer Harvey Mason Jr. (Tori Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson) and have one of his singles ("High") produced for a Maxwell House® marketing campaign. Bo is now featured as one of the faces of MAX by Maxwell House®, appearing in ads all over YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and other media platforms. His original songs have since amassed over 6 million streams on Spotify.  Throughout his musical + acting endeavors, Tourette's syndrome has played a large role in Bo's personal and artistic journey. It has been a part of him and continued to develop/change since he was 6 years old. "I’ve worked so hard to free myself from the world where the topic of mental health was taboo and finally explore my symptoms and navigate through them with a professional," he says. "There’s a power in knowing the diagnosis of all of the quirks that made me feel like I was a broken burden to the people around me, and finally hearing that these symptoms fell into the diagnosis of Tourette’s, General Anxiety, OCD and Depression helped me finally feel like I could take control of what was happening to me and finally learn how to manage it."

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